Working with offenders

Learn about the interventions available for offenders, both in institutions and in the community. Order products from CORCAN. Find out about Structured Intervention Units, the Overdose Prevention Service and the Prison Needle Exchange Program.

Services and information

Correctional process

Stages of the correctional process, the correctional plan, case management, programs for offenders.

Women’s corrections

Interventions for women offenders, women’s facilities, correctional programs, mental health services.

Indigenous corrections

Interventions for Indigenous offenders, healing lodges, the National Indigenous Plan, Sections 81 and 84, Indigenous Intervention Centers.

Structured Intervention Units

Structured interventions, programming, policies, transfer procedures, Corrections and Conditional Release Act.


Explore CORCAN’s catalogue, history of CORCAN, employment and employability skills training, offender success stories.

Health services

Find a career in healthcare at CSC, Mental Health Strategy, Overdose Prevention Service, Prison Needle Exchange Program.

Community corrections

Assessment and supervision for offenders, key aspects of community corrections, types of release, how to hire an offender.

Chaplaincy services

Faith-based resources on restorative justice, Correctional Service of Canada prayer, Memorandum of Understanding, Interfaith Committee on Chaplaincy.

Ethnocultural initiatives

National and Regional Ethnocultural Advisory Committees, Emerson Douyon Multiculturalism Award, policies and legislation

Administrative segregation class actions

The Brazeau, Reddock and Gallone class actions challenged the previous use of administrative segregation in federal institutions. This page provides information on the class actions and a link to the webpage of the claims administrator.


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