CSC Values Statement

Our Mission

The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC), as part of the criminal justice system and respecting the rule of law, contributes to public safety by actively encouraging and assisting offenders to become law-abiding citizens, while exercising reasonable, safe, secure and humane control.

Our Commitment

We, CSC employees and those working with us, recognize the importance of accomplishing our Mission within a framework of values, policy and legislation. We use shared, reciprocal values to guide our behaviour, decision-making, and discretionary judgment. These shared values are useful in day-to-day work within CSC and with all partners and stakeholders. In living these values, we demonstrate our commitment to personal and professional integrity and to working together to shape an organizational culture aligned with these same values.

We are proud of our work and accomplishments, and the spirit of collegiality and cooperation in which we achieve them. We believe in the human capacity for positive change and recognize that relationships are at the core of our work. Through our relationships, we contribute in diverse and significant ways to Changing Lives and Protecting Canadians.

Our Values

Examples of behaviours illustrate CSC's values. These illustrations are but a few of myriad perspectives with which to engage conversation, deliberation, and personal and collective action.


Respectful behaviours honour the rationality and dignity of persons — their ability to choose their own path, within lawful order, to a meaningful life. A good test of respectful behaviour is treating others as we would like to be treated.

Associated Behaviours:

  • Consulting with and valuing the views of others
  • Taking time to explain decisions which have an impact on others within the constraints of privacy and policy
  • Recognizing the accomplishments of others
  • Sharing accurate, relevant, understandable information in a timely manner
  • Engaging others in developing solutions to difficult decisions
  • Taking care of anyone whose dignity or well-being is compromised within the challenging work environment of CSC


A complex value in both theory and practice, fairness involves balancing conflicting interests, and exercising impartiality, objectivity, equality, and equity in interpersonal relationships. Similar to respect, a good test for fairness is to treat others as you would like to be treated.

Associated Behaviours:

  • Using facts to support conclusions
  • Considering the interests of all concerned parties
  • Providing timely and constructive feedback
  • Treating others with dignity in even the most difficult circumstances
  • Selecting and preparing people to meet organizational needs in a professional manner


Professionalism is a commitment to abide by high ethical standards of behaviour as well as relevant group standards, and to develop and apply specialized knowledge for the public good. Professionalism is anchored in a commitment to integrity — a commitment to uphold our values in even the most difficult circumstances.

Associated Behaviours:

  • Taking a personal responsibility —  updating competencies, skills, and learning and applying new developments in one's field
  • Knowing and applying ethical and professional standards of conduct
  • Aligning professional and organizational standards to serve democratic values
  • Aligning the exercise of professional discretionary judgement with CSC and Public Service values
  • Acknowledging and being willing to work through different professional perspectives
  • Exercising self-discipline and self-control in our relationships with others


Inclusiveness is a commitment to welcoming, proactively accommodating and learning from cultural, spiritual, and generational differences, individual challenges, and novel points of view.

Associated Behaviours:

  • Being willing to engage with others
  • Creating a representative workplace
  • Including relevant stakeholders in collaborative decision making
  • Mentoring
  • Being open to new ideas
  • Creating a learning environment which promotes development, dialogue, problem solving, and healthy resolution of conflict
  • Adopting relevant best practices from other organizations and cultures
  • Welcoming communication in either official language


Accountability involves the notion of being willing and able to explain, answer to and justify the appropriateness of actions and decisions. Accountability is applicable to everyone within CSC. Accountability is also about accepting and ensuring responsibility — providing necessary support, feedback, and oversight.

Associated Behaviours:

  • Displaying openness, transparency and a willingness to explain the rationale behind decisions affecting stakeholders, families and the public
  • Exercising initiative
  • Creating a safe environment to identify and address developmental opportunities
  • Demonstrating moral courage, that is, acting in accordance with ethical values when it is difficult to do so
  • Effectively and efficiently using public money, property and resources
  • Considering the present and long-term effects our actions have on people, communities, and the environment
  • Demonstrating CSC and Public Service values in words and actions in professional duties and as a citizen of Canada